linkedin tools for conversion

5 great LinkedIn tools for conversion

1. Crystal
Crystal uses people’s LinkedIn profiles and the widely-respected DISC assessments to determine their personality types. The tool breaks down every little thing—from what words and phrases will appeal to a particular person to things that can motivate them—all to help you write more effective lead-nurturing or branded messages.

2. Leadfeeder

It’s likely that very few people who visit your website will fill out any forms or subscribe to your newsletter. So how do you keep the conversation going with these folks?
Leadfeeder allows you to chase those “anonymous prospects” by giving you their company details and suggesting common LinkedIn contacts in the company. All you have to do is connect Leadfeeder with Google Analytics, and it will take care of the rest.
Once you have the LinkedIn profiles of the people who are likely checking out your content, you can send them messages targeted to their personas or funnel positions, or even get someone in accounts or business development to reach out or connect with them on LinkedIn. There’s also the option to hide a company if it doesn’t seem very interesting.
The best part about Leadfeeder is that it only displays real companies—and not just their internet service providers, as other IP-based intelligence tools do. Also, spammers are pre-filtered, so you have a nice, clean list to begin with

3. Ebsta

In a way, LinkedIn and Salesforce are made for each other. While the former helps you find and connect with prospects, the latter helps manage organization-wide interactions with them through different media and channels, including phone, email, website, online communities, and social media.
Ebsta is a plugin that integrates Salesforce with LinkedIn—while you’re using LinkedIn, it allows you to push interaction logs to Salesforce without leaving LinkedIn. As a result, as soon as you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you can start messaging, sharing documents, viewing their activity history, and logging calls—in other words, your LinkedIn turns into Salesforce.
Ebsta can be used for a number of other related purposes. It also features Gmail integration, Bullhorn integration, and email automation. This is an ideal tool for large B2B companies that deal with hundreds of prospects on a daily basis.

4. eLink Pro

If used wisely, eLink Pro can automate a lot of petty tasks. Consider a scenario where your company provides marketing automation software, and you try to connect with scores of digital marketers on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter, in an attempt to engage them, develop relationships, and eventually sell them your solution when the time is right.
The tedious (and never-ending) way to find the right marketing professionals would be to manually go through their bios and summaries. The easy (and automated) way to do it would be to feed a few keywords into eLink Pro and let it do the job for you.

5. Rapportive

I’ve been using Rapportive for around three years now. This tool gives you all the contact details about a person, sourced from their LinkedIn profile, right inside your Gmail. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

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