How to Create Facebook Page & Facebook Page Optimization Guidance ?

How To create  a  facebook  Page  :
           . Go to

2.    Click to choose a Page category.

3.    Select a more specific category from the   Dropdown   menu   and   fill   out   the  required information.

4.    Click Get Started and follow the   on-screen   instructions.

Step 1 : Go to


Step  2:

 Click to choose a Page category.

Step 3: Then enter About page descirpiton &  facebook web address:

for example ="

Step  4:
select your profile picture for page ..
& upload it...& click on next
then  Add Favorites  & finally click on next
Step 5:
finally click on save page ..

Step 6:
now your page is created now you can visit your page " " 


how to create Facebook Page ?

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